Hillary Clinton: in the end she did not run 2020. We had hoped.

Woman, Attorney, First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, winner of 2016 Presidential Campaign, Advocate for human rights of women and children. Wife, Mother, Sister, grandmama!!! Warrior.

So much has happened since the 2016 Russian Coup d’etat which allowed an impostor to be sworn into the Presidency of the United States. Every single step taken by the cadre of criminal traitors has been aimed at normalizing a dictatorship while pillaging all possible assets, as quickly as possible.

The Republican Party, in bed with Russia and our Evangelical Church, plus a majority in both houses made true Khrushchev’s prediction that Russia would bring the US down from within.

As we have all witnessed the money clenching that started since the inauguration and continues, even as I write this. It’s a “take all” for this group of people.

The 2018 midterms win was a success along the road but the happy bandits continue their fascist methods in our faces and in broad daylight.

As juices heat up for the upcoming 2020 election, which seem iffy at best, we have seen the presence of Hillary Clinton nearly every day. I even kidded that she should name a Cabinet and run a parallel government. Recently she started calling him out on his countless law breaking policies. I was surprised that he never took the bait until day before yesterday that he challenged her to “run again” and she responded ” don’t tempt me.” Time stood still. Parallel universes merged. The adrenaline rush of collective hope surged.

Hillary is a formidable woman. My money is on her at all times. She is claiming what is rightfully hers, ours.


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