1- Expand the number of Justices in the Supreme Court.

It’s unfortunate that the Republican party has weaponized the Supreme Court by playing every kind of dirty game to expand their agenda that does not represent the good of the country and the rights of the people but the interests of the Oligarchs who now rule us. The only way to balance this imbalance in power is by adding about six Justices to the Supreme Court. We will fight for this.

2- Bring back the Fairness Doctrine and expect every FCC-licensed organization to comply. No grandfathered coverups allowed.

Within news organizations, this rule of law was called “equal time”. Each politician is allowed the same time to address the American public. This free for all spending of special interest groups has made it literally impossible for any decent political contender to win an election.

The Fairness Doctrine had a “truth in advertisement” provision which prohibits that advertisement contain lies. It’s a no-brainer.

3- Tax the Churches: University of Tampa made a study several years ago that concluded that if churches were taxed, the United States Treasury would benefit to the tune of $70 billion annually. Need I say more? Let’s break the chain between the Government and the Church, which is illegal, to begin with.

4-Reverse the tax laws enacted by Donald Trump’s presidency.

5-Change the laws that do not allow Americans to purchase medications offshore. If politicians and Oligarchs can bank offshore, the rest of us should be allowed to legally purchase medications offshore.

6-Place a low limit on how much profit Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies can earn.

7-Implement Healthcare for all.

8- Shrink the structure and funding of our Defense Dept. Enough with the lost trillions of dollars that continue to go unaccounted for. Enough with the forever wars and the needless killing.

9-Do away with the Patriot Act. It was clear that it was a temporary measure. Instead, it became an erosion of what little civil rights remained.

10- Revoke the NRA’s tax exemption status. Stop catering to people that want to kill us. Disarm America.

11-Engage Hillary Clinton in this administration. Ignoring an elected President is just wrong.

12- Restore Mrs. Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden. Melanoma’s graveyard is an insult to everyone.

13- Eradicate the death penalty. A corrupt government should not have the right to murder innocent people.

14-Prohibit the manufacture of plastic. Replace all plastic with hemp.

15-Ban Nestle from doing business in the USA for their fascist agenda, intending to own all the world’s water supply.

16-Cap CEO’s income. If we can determine a minimum wage for the working class, the same rule must apply to the heads of these companies. $5 million per year is a good living wage for top management.

17- Create laws that all non-biodegradable garbage must be disposed of by the manufacturers of such devices.

18-Public and private universities are to be regulated. $100,000 for a BA is outrageous.

19- The government if to pay and redistribute $10 Trillion owed to Social Security Fund.

20- Abolish the Filibuster: Just do it.

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