We all know what is happening right now. A white policeman places his knee on the neck of a black man, who is handcuffed, turned over on his stomach. The policeman’s knee remains steady on the black man’s neck, holding him in place, for approximately 9 minutes. The black man’s head is turned sideways, gasping for air, gasping for his life and finally calling for his dead mother to help him. He died. Death is final. He cannot be deposed, indicted, set free or anything else. Dead is dead.

The police officer knew this man. As information funnels into our life, we learn that they both worked for the same night club as bouncers. Imagine this, restraining until he is a dead a co-worker. The four policemen involved were relieved of their duties. That’s it? Once again a black man is murdered in plain sight and the killer gets fired. The whole country expresses it’s outrage and breaks out into protests. I’m no lawyer but this sure looks like premeditated murder to me.

The entire country starts blowing up in disgust and outrage and pain. The policeman is finally arrested and charged with murder. Simultaneously, we learn the wife of the killer policeman has filled for a divorce.

Donald Trumps goes on his usual violent and dangerous rampage stating that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”. Always inciting violence. Every step of the way his job has been to make us, Americans, hate each other. He is very good at it. Northerners hate on Southerners. Democrats hate on Republicans. Whites hate on Blacks. Rich hate on Poor. Men hate on Women. Religious hate on other Religions. Meat eaters hate on Vegans. It is exhausting, endless and very real. This rhetoric is intended to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. To my minds eye that is their ultimate goal.

In the mean time a man, in the prime of his life, with family that still love him. has ceased to exist. He no longer breathes among us and it hurts me intimately to know this. This stranger is no longer a stranger. He is the one that could not be saved, in spite of the efforts of so many to cure us of our illness of hatred. I wonder if people who have died a violent death find peace. I’d love the answer to that one question.


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