For once research wasn’t need to address this particular subject since I have lived and survived events that caused PTSD in my life. It refers to happenings that lead to psychological trauma that repeat themselves in our mind with particular triggers. It is very real and very emotionally painful. Having survived such events I immediately recognized in thousands of female Facebook friend the symptoms of PTSD while we watched Presidential Candidate Joe Biden go to the process of winning the Presidential campaign 2020. We put him there but it still hurt to watch. All the insults and injustice that thrown on Hillary came back into our focus loud and clear. It’s maddening to have these emotions and not know how to process them. The rage and pain is real and we can never go back to 2016 and try to fix this. We did everything right. Our enemies were too many and too powerful. At least our Hillary is safe and enjoying her life, we hope.

My suggestion, if I may, is that when the ugly face of PTSD comes to haunt you learn to encapsulate it. Put it away. It did happen. Your pain and shame is real and we are now coming together to pick up the pieces. That’s the best I can do. I hope this helps because I hear you. I feel you. A thousand women told me their stomachs ached. It’s not funny. It’s not a joke. I just couldn’t find the strength to tell you that mine hurt too.


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