Photographs depicting health professionals from South Korea, Italy, China, and USA.

If you have been paying attention, and I hope you have, there is a worldwide pandemic traveling at the speed of death from shore to shore. We are under lifesaving lock down within our homes in an attempt to save our lives and the lives of our families and neighbors.

Each moment of each day is a horror story of contamination, misery, sickness and death. Accompanied by these horrors are the endless dictates by Mr. Trump and his venom, designed to make every step of the way a greater, more painful nightmare. We fully comprehend that they intend to rob us of every last cent we have, but when did the love of “other peoples money” breed such profound and efficient hatred and disregard for everything else and everyone else? The current situation brings back childhood memories of the Cuban embargo and people running on sticks, which passed as boats, with jewels hidden in their anus, to escape the murderous dictator Fidel Castro. At least Castro hid behind the mask of Communism in order to rob them of everything. Mr. Trump does not want us , Americans, to roam the Earth. How can so much hatred exist?

This desire he has to eradicate us seems much larger than his love of money. It is something else, something uglier, something so filthy and other-worldly that I cannot imagine it, reach it, touch it, as hard as I try. So, ok Mr. Trump. Kill me. Take my stuff but first, please explain why. I must understand why pilling dead bodies is such fun to you. What are you attempting to prove? Do you even know? Your mother had mentioned once that she had raised a monster. Who knew what you are capable of? I bet fellow human beings, long ago, in concentration camps, felt this same, exact way, and here we are.


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