It took me along time to grasp the seriousness and importance of this image. The armed animals are ridiculous but lethal while they stand over their prize, an assassinated human,

Ending others right to life for a sport is morally and intellectually wrong and must be recognized as such and stopped.

The concept of ethics needs to re-enter the mainstream of society and be used as a measuring stick for laws and regulations instead of the interests of corporations, lobbyists and gun crazy fruitcakes. Schools need to address the subject of empathy, ethics and morality since they children start school. Waiting for homes to teach this subject has proven a disaster. Right and wrong is not to be decided and taught by religion. They could use some new lessons themselves.

Consider asking your present and future legislators questions from the ethical standpoint. It will make a tremendous difference on how all matters are treated and resolved. People would not be sleeping in the streets, regardless of why they are there. Twenty percent o American small children would not suffer hunger as is happening every single day right under our roofs. The plight of women would have been addressed a long, long time ago. It is never ethical for anyone to engage in spousal abuse. Equal pay would become a non issue since any sane society would never consider unequal treatment of genders.

The core of our many problems need to be viewed with new eyes. I propose the study, comprehension and implementation of an ethical society becomes a goal we all aim at. There is no other way.


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