Our bodies are complex measuring devices. All day and everyday processing energy and discarding what it does not need. About ten years ago I read an article issued by the American Heart Association stating that the very worst food for your heart are processed meats. It’s fair to say that I had never heart the term, in a medical sense and decided to look into it. Alas! Cold cuts, brisket, marinated rotisserie chicken and the list went on. I discovered that the nitrates, preservatives, mega huge salt content and unknown stuff could and would kill if you embraced this type of diet. So I titled these meats, “mystery meats” and stopped consuming them. When I shop, chose from a restaurant menu or engage in deciding what I will or will not eat, my scan for mystery meat decides before my stomach gives it’s usual growl. It has paid off in avoiding aging consequences that I have observed in my Mom.

We had previously published an excerpt from “ Eat This Not That” listing the 10 Worst Foods in The World. My eating habits test was good. Still need to make some changes. The same blog has now listed a list of the 100 worse foods on the planet and I will be listing them for you shortly. These guidelines are very helpful in guiding you down the road of health. Wouldn’t you wish you knew soft drinks are loaded with carcinogens before you get cancer, instead of afterwards.

Capricorn Science wishes your good health and a happy life.


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