The very first time I heard a Mother of a Black son talk about having to teach and warn her child about the “ways of the world” was an interview of Mia Farrow. As nearly everyone knows, she is an adoptive and natural birth mother. The interview in question was about how she had “the talk” with her son, who happened to be black. The talk was about the dangers of being a black person in America. I stopped and took notice then and have ever since placed this other standard to the events the surround our society.

We have seen over and over again how police continue to brutalize and unjustifiably murder black men. As a follower of the Innocence Project I have become familiar with how black men are unfairly accused and incarcerated for crimes they have not committed. Losing decades of their lives or their natural lives by being killed by the state.

Then again, several days ago a man, a black man, in the prime of his life, was targeted, bound and murdered in plain sight by a police officer that did bouncer work with him in the same night club. So the policeman holding the black man with his knee to his neck, was killing someone he knew and worked with. No one will ever convince me this was not a hit, in other words, premeditated murder.

What broke my already shattered heart was the black man’s cried for his mother while his life escaped his body. His mother has been dead for two years. We saw, we heard, we listened and we felt. Then all holy hell broke loose and now it cannot be put back into the box.

Authorities announced that the four policemen had been suspended from work. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Call me Watcher. So I watched and listened as my mind continued to warn me that all hell was about to break loose. The United States of America is under siege. Many things have happened to create, provoke and ferment this present situation of violence and destruction. Think about how a strategic plan is created. The components, the goal, the time frame and the implementation.

The components are an illegal government run by second generation Mafia personalities with the complete collaboration from our foreign enemy, Russia.

The first goal is pillaging. Steal everything they can get away.

The second goal is preserve themselves in power. Since they could not do a Bush, by creating war to secure a second term they allowed a Pandemonium to run rampant throughout the country creating fear, death and division between the citizenship.

I recall reading, when Trump first moved to the White House, that he was creating a special military force. At the time I wondered if it was a money laundering scheme or a force intended to override all the many layers of military we already have in place. It appears the second option was the goal since rightful, peaceful and desperation driven protests were converted into violent, property destruction and horror by outside forces arriving at the scene of every peaceful march. Now, while I write this, the country burns while Nero laughs. The goal is stop the upcoming election by whichever means necessary.

History is on our side but the losses cannot be regained. Dead is dead.


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