Recently and article detailed how it is entirely credible to think that Donald J Trump is a CI, a confidential informant for the FBI. Second generation links to the Mafia and financial ties and commitments to Russia. An in the open coup d’ etat where Hillary Rodham Clinton won the 2016 election and was stolen by the Oligarchs that run the country today and placed in the hands of the madman, Donald J Trump. Stupid like a fox goes the saying. That is Trump and his two sidekicks, McConnell and Barr. We know they are under Russian rule and most likely fear for their lives.

Old movies, during the cold war, would call the infiltrated Russian spy, the Yuri. Reality has become scarier than fiction because we live with a known Russian asset in the White House making decisions about life and death every minute of the day. Trump appears to be playing gulf a lot but the “others” are eager, at work completing the Russian takeover, awaiting Trumps signature on another death warrant of our country.


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