I dance a happy dance each and every time I discover that science has caught up with magic or philosophy. Scientist’s are publishing countless papers proving that the Universe is a sentient being. I sit here and smile even as I write this. Therefore, our beloved planet Earth is also a sentient being. All things, everything is part of these sentient existences. Since I studied political philosophy in college I learned that there are many concepts that were accepted as fact during antiquity that are now being put to the test that only science and a numerical world can measure.

Panpsychism means a conscious world. The etymology of the word panpsychsm has it’s origins in the Greek term pan ( all, everything, whole) and psych ( soul, mind) as the unifying center of the mental life of us humans and other living creatures”. Psyche comes from the Greek word ( I blow) and may mean life, soul. mind, heart and life.

Panpsychism is one of the oldest philosophical theories and has been ascribed to philosophers including Thales, Plato, Spinoza, Leibniz, William James, Alfred North Whitehead and Galen Strawson.

During the nineteenth century, Panpsychism was the default theory in philosophy of mind, but saw a decline during the middle years of the twentieth century with the rise of logical positivism. The recent interest in the hard problems of consciousness has revived interest in Panpsychism. ( research from Wikepedia )

The study of Humanities can no longer place “Man” in the center of the Universe since there are much greater entities rendering us lower on the path of evolution and shoulder with shoulder with everything that we are a part of. Everything, one way or another inhales and exhales and lives.


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