Gravity and the “things” it moves: oceans, rivers, tears, falling rocks, wind, the fall of snow and rain.

It crossed my mind a long time ago that the blood that cruises through my veins, pumped by my willing heart, are within gravity’s pull. I came to realize that Earth is like a magic, biological, washing machine that cleans and recycles itself constantly. “Earth to Earth” is more true than we give it credit. All living things eventually die, decompose and returns to it’s original form therefore fulfilling Greek philosophies formula : Phenomenon and Nomeno. My body and yours are created from cellular material that has existed on this planet since its birth. If you stretch your mind and toss it out there, like a fisherman’s net, you’ll see that all we consume is created from all that has already been consumed over and over again. All life has been recycling itself endlessly from the same basic matter, Earth. This led me to believe that through my veins travels the timeless elixir of life which cannot be defined or contained by simplistic social shenanigans like color, gender, species… Who or what you really are will not show itself in your gene pool with the present science available. As science evolves it will include my wolf past, my orangutan and gorilla past. I recognize these species as kin.

Do you really know who you are? Life is fascinating when we embrace all that it is.


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Jo An Porrine · January 14, 2020 at 10:51 pm

Mercedes, what an amazing writer you are.

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