As Americans we were first shocked, them appalled that the President of the United States would go on rampages all day and all night on Twitter. We watched, our mouth’s open and round eyed with dismay and horror how a fool of a man made a fool of all of us.

And Tweet he did, non-stop for three long years. Maybe we have grown accustomed to his special brand of insanity and cruelty and seem to expect it at all times. This is very similar to living in a home with abusive parents. You never know why or when you will be hit but for sure you know its coming. The pain and humiliation are a given.

As we struggle to survive this avalanche of daily horrors and count the days till we wake from this nightmare, we encounter the possibility, alas, the probability we will not come out of this mess alive.

Donald J. Trump is personally responsible for unleashing a Pandemic of biblical proportions upon us. For sure, we never saw this one coming at us. Our attention was on his pudgy hand on the nuclear button. Although his known idol is Adolf Hitler, his true calling is to emulate Monster Roman Emperor Nero. Laughing while we burn to the ground.

It is my sincerest and heartfelt wish that you take serious measures to keep yourself healthy and alive. Trust no one. Coronavirus is a recurrent disease and 50% of healthy looking people are carriers. We have no test and we have no vaccines. The Pandemic is just starting and do not buy into “it is under control” propaganda. It is not under control and it will kill us off only if we play into it’s hands. Information worldwide is being hidden and altered for political reasons. Do not trust information about the “curve” because they lie and then laugh while we burn. Let’s wipe that laugh of Nero’s face by staying alive,


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