Since before ‘ politician” was a word they have been trying to get away with anything that they can. From this pattern we get the word Demagogue, whereby a politician lies to his potential constituents to get them to vote or approve of whatever measure he or she is cooking up.

They lie, they get caught and they have all hell to pay for it. We’ve seen this over and over. Every attempt to cover their deceit is always uncovered and the scandal rules.

Then along came Donald J. Trump who has publicly stated that in order to convert a lie to truth just repeat it three times! We thought he was deranged until he stole the presidency and started on the longest campaign of lies in recorded history. I dare say he never speaks any truth at all . My patterns following mind has adjusted to automatically reversing everything his says. Seriously, not a single truth is uttered by his pursed out lips, except, maybe his desire that people would die for the stock market. He has no idea whatsoever of how to study, analyze anything, except how to follow his Gambino-like upbringing to steal everything he can.

Embarrassment that normal people feel over a multitude of things is totally absent from his personality makeup. Consequences have no meaning to his limited understanding of life and events. He thinks himself protected, as he has been, so far. If I may, my prediction is that he will leave the White House in the middle of night, for fear of his crimes catching up with him. He will leave the country and never come back. Kind of Pinochet-like. So be it.


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