Elements that have created American Fascism:

We, at Capricorn Science, have addressed each of these issues independently but at time a good old shopping list is needed to inventor what needs to be done. The path that needs paving and walking is this:

Foreign ownership of media :

deregulation of equal airtime for political candidates. Stop and prevent foreign ownership of media outlets.

Patriot Act:

Closing down and infringement of constitutional rights and Civil Liberties.

Fake Wars:

Emergency staged wars open the floodgate to ” lost” money flowing out the Pentagon into the hands of thieves.

Social Security Fund:

The endless Republican heft of our Social Security Fund must be stopped and previous “loans” must be reimbursed.

Gain back control of the Courts:

Premeditated placement of judges at all levels in an effort to break the law.

Making Mitch McConell accountable:

The strangle hold of the President of the Senate in any event of business for the people must become avoidable in the present and the future.

Making Russia accountable:

The direct intervention of a foreign enemy in collaboration with one of the two main political parties. Trials and convictions are the order of the day.

Elimination of All Tax Exemptions:

Enough trillion dollar corporate and church tax exemptions plus another bulk of trillions of dollars that are given as endowments.

Corporations and billionaire’s need be taxed appropriately.


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