Like oil moving downhill Republicans implemented Phase One of their grand plan to own the Republic.

Reagan deregulated American Media, which allowed political candidates to use airtime and media space indiscriminately and according to their particular budgets and their lobbies -agendas. Access to equal time was eliminated. Only the very rich or very rich connected can run for office. So politicians kissed the devil and married the corporate lobby. These same politicians that prance around and plead and promise prior to the their given elections, turn their backs on their constituents once they are in office and run into the arms of expectant lobbyists and corporations. They rule. We rot.

During the past four decades, rapidly and efficiently, our representatives re-wrote laws to benefit their sponsors and themselves. Great wealth was obtained and accumulated. They also discovered a very effective venue to allocate and funnel money: The Defense Department. Billions upon billions of dollars vanished, used frivolously, given away to friends and family. Here a war, there a war, everywhere a war war! In the mean time, we the people, are hard at work, raising our families….:Doing the right thing.” We have been shackled and will soon be enclosed in camps unless we do something. Bring back accountability to government and make the thieves pay back what they stole,


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