A while back I noticed some health ads about shaky leg syndrome or something with a similar name. The ad made it sound like a serious condition and I thought to myself that it was a clever made up illness to sell medications. Fast forward to the present. Several days ago I read about some earthquakes happening in Puerto Rico, where I currently live. I didn’t notice a thing. So I call my step-father. He didn’t feel a thing. So, okay, we’re good. Then two or three nights ago I wake up about 3AM. Make my usual black, sugarless coffee. Wash some dishes. Read the news. By 4 AM my house starts shaking and the earth beneath me appeared to be screaming. ” Flight or fight”, they say. Well there is no fighting this demon, so I ran to my front door and pushed and it would not open. Locked in!!! My kind mind whispers to me, “You have other doors.” I ran to the aviary and opened the door. Free! The house would not swallow me. Remember ” you can check out but you can never leave.” ( Hotel California). The screaming from the earth stops abruptly. The house stands still my heart is pounding seeking an new home. We had been hit with a 5.6 earthquake.

Following this event, when I sat on my sofa I felt my butt vibrating. I thought; “Great, I have that jumpy leg thingy I read about in the ad. But it’s not my leg, it’s my butt. Cut me break , the fright gave me jumpy butt syndrome? No way.” Finally, my brain kicked my insanity aside and I realized that my 8,000 sq/ft. house was shaking, trembling nearly non stop. It felt like leaning against a car that has the engine running . So much for jumpy leg syndrome but now I sleep dressed , with my shoes on.

The Aftermath: the following night we suffered a 6.6 earthquake as reported by Associated Press. Everyone now claims it was a 6.4. Are insurance companies lobby hedging their loss? People died, homes and many buildings fell. I read a scientific report yesterday that places the little, beautiful island of Puerto Rico on the number one spot place in the world affected by climate catastrophe. I wish for jumpy butt syndrome.


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Wendy Nash · January 10, 2020 at 3:57 pm

What were you doing up at 3am?

    Mercedes Jenouri · January 10, 2020 at 4:09 pm


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