” 15 years ago, cancer drugs cost an average of $10,000 a year… Now it’s 10,000 a month! Because the pharmaceutical cartel owns the US government every bit as much as Mexican drug lords own theirs.” Bill Maher

There has been a lot of talk about this. Endless debate. Patch up jobs made to look like decent alternatives but the truth is that the Pharmaceuticals are unshakable and our politicians are in bed with them.

Last years earnings for the top 9 Pharmaceuticals: Johnson and Johnson / $373.2 Billion dollars / Pfizer $235.8 Billion Dollars / Novartis $226.3 Billion Dollars / Merck $213.3 Billion Dollars / Eli Lilly $133.6 Billion Dollars / Novo Nordisk $132.1 Billion Dollars / Abb Vie $119.1 Billion Dollars / Amgen $116.8 Billion Dollars / Sanofi $115.7 Billion Dollars

If my numbers are correct this adds up to $1,452,600,000,000. Yes Sir/ Ma’am this is 1.5 trillion dollars. To add insult to injury they pay close to no taxes. The game is on us. I am only giving you a glimpse of the problem and asking why have we allowed this. They have a monopoly on medications that are urgently needed. Why aren’t anti trust laws applied to them. I spend my days and nights being told that the system should remain as is and be improved upon. Wake up people this system is a scam. It must be regulated, taxed and under our control. Enough with the Pharma cartel. Do something to change this. It may save your life sometime soon. More on this later.


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