Most people are born into religion and are taught, since birth, their given rules. The key components are obedience and fear. They key command is never to question these rules. Learn to fear and obey until the day you die. Rational thought and religious dogma become enemies. Thinking individuals are compelled to include dogma as demanded by religion. Politicians have known the value of a unquestioning flock and have implemented the agenda where politics is seen and treated as a religion, unquestioned.

George W, Bush was the master of this trade claiming to be a born again Christian. His flock followed into false, unwarranted wars, the erosion of our civil liberties, as per, the Patriot Act, theft from our Social Security Fund and trillions of dollars funneled from the Defense Budget into his and his friends bank account. George W. Bush cannot travel to a long list of foreign countries since he would be apprehended and submitted to an International Tribunals for ” crimes against humanity. Yet he lives a free man. He violated the constitutionally dictated separation between State and Church and put the USA on the clear path to our present Oligarchy.


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