by Bill Burgess:

I often wonder what color the sky is in her world….Without FULL US MILITARY BACKING, the Russian COUP of the Electoral System would not have happened….ALL US Military Flag Ranks and Agency Administrations are Republican since the 1981 NAZI PARTY Purge…”Against ALL enemies, BOTH Foreign AND DOMESTIC”…THEY….HAVE….NO….HONOR….And as they OWN PRAVDA(US Media) and SCOTUS, they went with the Manchurian Candidate provided by their partner Putin who joined the Koch/Bush Dynasty in 1992 for the creation of the Fourth Reich….Replacing Judges with Fascist puppets has been going on in earnest since 1981….The Military General Staff disgust me…tRump is King of Israel and a GOD? He is their Commander in Thief….They will move into Boards of Directors positions when they retire. So IMHO this is a heavy lift and without blood in the streets like our Immigrant Forefathers PAID, there can be no justice. They left us the tools, just never anticipated their country with no GUTS


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