Converting percentages to people like you and I. Given a total population of 329,064,917 let’s play with how much each demographic groups get per $ 1,000,000,000. ( one billion dollars) .

90% = 296,158,425.53 people @ 23% share of wealth = $3.37 / billion $

9% = 29,615,842.53 people @ 9% share of wealth = $33.76 /billion $

1% = 3,290,649.17 people @ 1% share of wealth = $ 303.89 /billionS

Assuming I’m talking to the 90% demographic group. Imagine that your $3.37 per billion dollars are taxable and the $303.89 per billion for the one percenters are non taxable. There is another formula that I could apply to compare taxable to non taxable so you can see the REAL difference but this, I’m guessing, is painful enough. You are always saying “follow the money”. Time to follow your own money. Best wishes.


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