Are we in need of a North/South/East/West citizen exchange program? It is clear that we are strangers to each other. Women from my side of the fence are questioning why did so many white women vote for Donald John Trump. He has insulted, assaulted and declared his contempt and hatred for their gender every step of the way. Yet, there they are with their bleached trademark hair and too much make-up trying, unsuccessfully to appear teen-ager-like. Are these women deaf? Are they dumb? Do they think themselves immune to the terrors Trump and Co. have bestowed upon all womankind? Do they even know they are women?

All of these questions go unanswered. We must seek to stop our criticizing machinery, our constant mockery of their habits and seriously try to understand what the hell is happening here. Our lives depend on it. Women remain ” less before the law”, because we have failed miserably to overcome this particular hurdle. Do women hate themselves? Is this a symptom of self-loathing? I want answers. Not just forever standing questions.

I have studied and advocated that the issue of cognitive dissonance is a primary cause for the prototype individual that has voted for Trump. After witnessing this election I conclude that it must be something else, something graver.

Maybe a citizenship exchange could help enlighten those of us interested in fixing this societal enigma. It may sound plain, but not everything is a complex Souffle. Often simple is good and right.

We need a team of social workers, anthropologists and scientist working to gather the information needed to fix this. I do not mean that we should attempt to mind control a portion of the population that thinks differently from us. What I do mean is that if they or we are under some kind of mind-control we must do something to remedy and rescue the situation before we end up killing each other.

Even if we don’t want to kill them, they seem to want to kill us. Why?


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