I like it to the point. Sooo, let’s see if you have been paying attention. Check the subjects you dominate. Look up the one’s you’ve missed. Go!

There is an illegitimate Russian spy posing as a US President in the White House / Mitch McConnell aka a Moscow Mitch, is holding up 400 pieces of legislation in his attempt to derail democracy / Bernard Sanders is a demagogue , Putin’s spare / President Hillary Clinton has been robbed of her/ our presidency / The Planet, yes, this one, is burning to the ground, while we talk about it / 100,00 children live and die in detention centers in the good old USA / The Pentagon and the Federal Reserve have lost up to thirty trillion dollars. ( lost aka as stole) / Billionaires own us, yes you and me / We may have seen our last real election (Obama) / Corporate Fascism is raiding the planet / Jlo looks great / Lucifer on Netflix is the best series ever / Greta Thunberg will somehow save her generation. Hell with us, we don’t deserve to be saved / Nancy Pelosi is awesome and has delivered a true defense for the Republic / Flowers can see / Trees can talk /Impeach and Remove is a must /Our waters are dirty, our air is filthy and our food chain contains plastic /

Since you all know all of this, now go serve yourself more than one glass of champagne. Rest up ’cause 2020 is going to be the fight our lives. #aWomanToThat !!! Muah!! Happy, Healthy, Wealthy New Year ! CapricornScience.


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