• 1.
  • an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.
    “celebrity gossip and memes often originate on the site”
  • 2.
  • an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other nongenetic means.


  • create an internet meme from (an image, video, piece of text, etc.).
    “there’s always one audience reaction shot at the Oscars that gets memed”

Memes have had a great influence on my life. Quick and to-the-point pods of information about anything and everything. It’s quicker and easier than writing long dissertations about the subjects that interest us. 

I have to say that, in general, the benefits of memes have greatly outweighed the flaws. Personally, I have saved about 13,000 memes. Politics,  jokes, and science are my main areas of interest, with maybe some recipes on the side. Science is my passion, and having summarized scientific information has been a tremendous help in writing my science fiction books. It equates to having flashcards about serious scientific data. 

I notice patterns and always have. My mind picks up blips wherever they are. Recently, I started noticing memes that diminished people with education versus the common sense of people without education. When I see one or two memes with a common theme, I deem this not a big deal. When I see five or ten within a short time span, I know something is cooking. We are living in a world where fascists (governments run by corporations’ interests) have been very successful in what is now called the anti-intellectualism of America (USA).  Therefore, to try to shame people who have been educated would be a step up for those trying to diminish and control us. 

Publicists are responsible for the creation of a great deal of the memes we are exposed to daily. Publicists have existed ever since the work media was created. Image building, problem hiding, marketing, and big bucks go hand in hand. Anyone who is anyone has a team of publicist working their tails off to uphold, protect, and create their client’s image. Image is money. Image is market share. Manipulation is the game. 

One of the primary antagonistic elements of seeing the flow of memes is noticing how publicist have successfully manipulated their clients into our lives. They have manipulated people into approving and liking people who are our sworn enemies. 

The Oligarchs, American and foreign, with the help of their lobbyist and publicist, have brainwashed people into believing that they are what they are not: good people with your best interest at heart. I should write a series about Bill Gates and the rest of his crowd, but I’ll limit this article to Elizabeth Cheney. Why? Because she is aggressively seeking to position herself as a ‘good Republican,” as if such a thing existed. She has been very successful in selling her image as a decent anti-Trump citizen when she voted along his agenda during Trump’s entire tenure in the White House. She has an army of trolls defending her ‘goodness’ every time someone calls her out on her blatant manipulation. As demagogues go, she is nearly as good as Sanders. She is the daughter of many times billionaire ex-Vice President Dick Cheney. Big bucks in the oil business. Remember the war that was waged in the “wrong country,” and they were declared war criminals and got away with it. Ugly, doesn’t start to call it. She is a chip off the old block, and Democrats are too blind to see it. Why? Because Democrats are soft-hearted. They want to believe that there is some good left somewhere. Even if the object of their admiration would kill their children given the opportunity. 

There is a collection of carefully crafted memes that sell Elizabeth Cheney as one of us. She’s pretty and has good hair. Look at the meme that is circulating now. Her image is larger than the other figures. She is placed to the left, making the viewers feel warm and fuzzy. There she is, mixed with our heroes. Just like a cat hiding with the same color dogs. There is science and demographics behind these carefully crafted memes. They look to brainwash you into believing a lie and allowing more abuse to grow and get a hold of what is left of our liberties. 

Oligarchs, Republicans, Russians, Corporations, Non-Profit organizations, Religions, and others are our enemies. Wake up already. It’s later than you think. 

I’m going to suggest, if I may, that when strolling through a thousand memes, we all read. look at and think about what they are telling you and reject their agenda if it doesn’t fit yours. It may save your life someday and mine, too!

Before you start to protest about how wonderful she is, here are just a few of the issues Elizabeth Cheney voted against or skipped voting. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Elizabeth Cheney voted against or abstained from the following acts:

-VA Employee Act of 2021

-Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interests Federal Acquisition Act.

-Law Enforcement de-escalation Training Act of 2022

-Veteran Services Recognition Act

-Delivering Optionally Urgen Labor Access for Veteran Affairs Act.

-Pregnant Women in Custody Act.

-Break the Cycle of Violence Act

-Violent Incident Clearance Act

-Whistleblower Protection Act

-Preventing a Patronage System Act.

-Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

-Assault Weapon Ban of 2022

-Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Research Expansion Act of 2022

-Ensuring Access to Abortion Act of 2022

-Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act.

-Protection Our Kids Act

-Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act 

-Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act

-Affordable Insulin Act

-Protecting Medicines and American Farmers from Sequesters Cuts Act.

-Infrastructure Investment Act

-Women’s Health Protection Act.

-LGBTQ Business Equal Credit Enforcement and Investment Act.

-Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act of 2021

-Access to Council Act. 

-Safe Banking Act of 2021

-Paycheck Fairness Act.

-Farm Workers Modernization Act.

-Removing the Deadline for the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

-Violence Against Women Act of 2021

-Protecting the Right to Organize Act.

-George Floyd Justice in Police Act of 2021

Thank you for reading. 

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