Long gone are the days of making little mental and paper lists with items about losing weight, being kinder, and spending less. Now for 2020, my 2020 Resolutions are to Dump Trump, the Traitor to humankind, Ditch Mitch, the Moscow Bitch, and Disbar Barr; you know why. We will get this done. The Resistance.

2024 Update:

A lot has happened since this 2020 New Year’s Wish List was published. We find ourselves once again at the precipice of the beginning of an election year. 2024 will determine our fate, more so if you are a woman. 

If you have been paying attention, you know that the world is racing toward totalitarian fascism. If you haven’t been paying attention, you are in for a full frontal surprise. Similar to being hit by a Truck Mack.

All that we were taught as children has vanished into asphyxiating smoke. We thought ourselves the good gals defending democracy at home and abroad. We have since painfully learned that we were used to invade, rape, rob and destroy other people’s homes, places of worship. 

During my travels, I have witnessed the expressions “Yankee Go Home” and “Ugly American.” I had no idea what they were talking about. Now I do, and so should you. We were used to hurt and destroy people who weren’t our enemies. Having their own interests at heart before ours is not wrong. But if they had oil in their backyard, we smeared them as enemies and invaded their homes with the intent to do harm. 

We learned the use of language such as ‘violation of human rights.” While we chanted in the streets about such violations in other countries, we stood silent while our rights have been eroded to the point that our citizenship is just another word for slavery. You don’t need to like me while you read this. I do not come to you with good news. I do bring the truth as I see it. As I know it. Our government has become our enemy. 

Our children spend about $500K in debt for a college education that could wind up paying salaries just above the minimum $7.50 / hour taxable wage. The numbers don’t lie. Financing education in the United States has become another way for the rich to steal from the struggling poor. 

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have done an extraordinary job considering what they were left to work with. On the other hand, improving Donald J. Trump’s performance is an easy task to follow. 

I ask myself why hasn’t the corrupt Supreme Court been expanded. Why hasn’t the misuse of the Electoral College been handled? Why hasn’t the Fairness Doctrine been updated and reenacted? These are three difficult tasks that needed our urgent attention, and they weren’t even in the pipeline. Our elected politicians did the easier chores. Don’t misunderstand my words. A lot of good has come from their endeavor, but the work that would have saved democracy as we demand that it works was left to the wind. We will pay with our lives for this misstep. 

We are a very tired citizenship, but as we breathe, we will rise and will abolish the demons that threaten to swallow us and our children. 

More than ever, 2024 is the year of women. It’s up to us to put on our big girl panties and take what is ours: freedom. Failure to do so is not an option. 

I plan to be there, at the frontline, fighting the fight we must win. 

Thank you for reading. 

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