The three (3%) that Coronavirus will kill during this pandemic amounts to 231,000,000 human beings. The world population to date is 7.7 billion people walking and breathing.

A new estimate is showing itself as a more likely deathtoll of 5 % of total population. Meaning that 7.7 billion people @ 5% estimate equals 285 million dead people due to Coronavirus.

So far I may have read 300 articles about this virus and how it operates. I also may have read about 5,000 posts and opinions from concerned citizens about this same subject. It feels like a long and exhausting trail of pain and opinions.

If I may, I will separate into groups the opinions I have encountered . Which one are you?

(1) Only 3% will die, what’s the big deal?

(2) The government made this up for their own selfish reasons. It’s a conspiracy.

(3) The rich want to cut down the world population because automation will soon be in place and they don’t want or need so many workers.

(4) This is real but I am young and healthy.

(5) I’m going to party and no one is standing in my way.

(6) How can I help contain this deadly Coronavirus and stop it in it’s tracks? I need a plan, a household protocol. I must prepare in the event I become ill.

Which one of these groups do you fall under? My home and office are under strict lock down. NO ONE in and no one out. We have a to do list in the event life or death supplies become short. Mask, goggles, Clorox pull outs, plastic gloves. All clothing comes off by the door, into a bag and rushed to the laundry to be washed ASAP. Outside of my front door there is a clean doggie pad and a gallon of Clorox. Before reentering the house shoes come off and placed on top of the Clorox soaped doggie pad for later wiping and cleaning. Into the shower you go and wash off with Dial soap.

This process alone will make you want to never leave the house.

Coronavirus may still find me and kill me but I’ll be damned if I will also kill everyone around me.

Have a heart!


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