We fight to control and have access to our own hard earned money. Society combined with our Social Contract have created a structure whereby all citizens contribute earnings to a common pot of money and assets. Then a group of people are chosen , elected, with the purpose of distributing and managing this common pot of money and assets, aka as the federal budget,

What sounds like a utilitarian concept has evolved into endless laws and regulations that tax everything we do and everything we own. Pyramids of legal shenanigan’s and red tape block citizens from receiving what they need, when they need it.

In the mean time, elected officials have control to the purse strings and use our money to their hearts content. These elected officials seek to benefit the top 5% of the wealthy citizenship and many foreigners , feeding and perpetuating the current Oligarchy in place in the USA.

The vast 95% of the population must find the way to gain control of our money and our asset’s. The quality of our lives and any potential of pursuit of happiness depends on getting this control back into our hands and pockets. This is a core problem and a serious one which needs everyone’s urgent attention. There is a grave indignity in begging for our own money.


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