We live in unfortunate times where we eat contaminated food containing less nutritional value than clean food, breathe polluted air and drink filthy water. This is the truth about the world we live and die in.

Our reality is much more complicated that this one sentence allows us to see, but put these elements together in each human body you will find that the assortment of illnesses that we die from are created mainly by pharmaceuticals and then fed to us.

Artificial sugars cause cancer. Cancer happens to be a huge money maker, profit center, for the pharmaceutical, medical and insurance industries. The amount of money they are making off our misery is astonishing. The cycle of illness, fake cure and death are planned and imposed upon us since the day we are born until the day we die. One industry sickens us, the other pretends to cure us while the other pretend to cover the extraordinary expense involved in this whole process. The whole event is a sham at the expense of our lives.

Another related huge profit center for corporate America are private prisons. By incarcerating people for possession of marijuana, an herb. the holders of these prison contracts earn astronomical amounts of easy money.

The incarcerated people provide two mega sources of income: private prisons get paid by our government by headcount. The more inmates, the bigger the payday. These inmates have another plus providing cheap labor at approx. one dollar per day. Good for business, bad for society.

My question is why are some presidential candidates running on keeping an herb, like marijuana, illegal. To my minds eye, this is a clear indication that they are in bed with lobbyist and big pharmaceuticals, plus the medical profession.

Insurance companies are at the center of the lobby scam we live and die by. We are allowed expensive but junk healthcare, junk food, junk insurance, impossible to purchase medication. It’s a stock market party for them. We are just the people paying with hard earned money and our lives.

Marijuana has proven to cure and/or improve the following medical conditions: AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis , Cancer, Chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, Glaucoma. By keeping marijuana illegal, Big Pharma makes it’s move to control it and stop us from savings ourselves.


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