100,000 people infected worldwide while governments and citizens alike scramble to keep informed and prepared. My research person, Lucy Garcia is totally immersed in this subject and reports on a daily basis about what is going on worldwide with Coronavirus. She often whispers, “people are truly suffering, specially people in China.” North Korea killed their first patient. Put down like a rabid dog. Donald Trump, as you may have heard, says the disease is made up. The media insists that masks are unnecessary and there is no need to use them. What you are not being told is that Coronavirus is asymptomatic in some people, meaning they are carriers that are contagious but display no signs of being sick and most likely have no idea that he/she is a carrier. Wearing a mask could prevent this type of person from spreading the virus. Learning how to handle surgical gloves is essential to keeping contamination at bay. I have two sandwich bags. One with new surgical gloves and another one empty to dispose of the used gloves. These remain in my handbag in order to be sure that they are available. Important that when removing the gloves you pull them off turning them inside out and into the empty bag. Washing your hands with antiseptic soap and then using alcohol or Purell gel should keep you safe. Purell also makes hand wipes that kill germs and viruses. Keep a container with you when you leave you home. Rub you face thoroughly every chance you have when in crowds. Feel no shame. Better safe than sorry. If you have been lazy about taking your vitamins now is the time to do so in order to boost your immune system. Lecithin capsules are great reinforcement for your lungs. Pop 4 twice per day and give your lungs fighting gloves to knock out the virus if it knocks on your door. Tie and braid your hair. Men are being told to shave their beards in order to diminish the odds of the virus latching on to facial hair. Please practice the order of how you will implement your protocol for leaving and returning to your home. It get’s confusing. Rinse your mouth with Listerine as often as possible. If you have any ideas that would help others please include them in comments section. The more aggressively we get organized the better chances that we will never meet this awful stranger. Godspeed.


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