Americans have endured the wait, like sleep depriving drops falling on porcelain. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Today, Saturday, November 7th, 2020 shows signs of being the day that the winner to the US Presidential race is settled and announced.

The counts and recounts, the electoral college votes, the lawsuits, the media, the press conferences, the Twitter storms and all hell has already happened. The only thing missing is the final decision. The announcement.

We expect Joe Biden to be elected the President-in-Waiting. We expect Kamala Harris to be elected 46th Vice President-in-Waiting, sometime today.

The picture of them says everything about our lives right now. They look like well dressed bank robbers. This is the new normal. The Coronavirus pandemic is raging mad and killing people even a I write this. Is this poetic justice to a race so unkind to the planet? That’s not my call, but I sure wonder.

We are seeing the usual type of candidate. An older, white male looking great for his years and willing to risk his life for us. Joe Biden does not need the burden of saving millions of people against Fascism, a pandemic and each other. He has my gratitude and admiration for doing so. He will have my relentless backing in everything he may need. Besides him stands Kamala Harris, with her mask in place ready to serve as the first female to set foot in the Oval Office as an elected official. One office/step away from the Presidency. It only took us over 200 years but I’ll bitch another day and enjoy our success now. Many will refer to Senator Harris’ ethnicity. I think it is no relevance and advocate we stop calling each other by our given phenotype.

Let’s see what the day brings. I sure hope it is peace.


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