Out of nowhere the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, USA started having thousands of significant earthquakes around December 2019 and haven’t stopped as of today. Aside from the losses, horror and fear these events created the obvious question rang clear and loud about “why now?” Somewhere someone uttered the words ”Fracking”, That the earthquakes were caused by fracking at the bottom of the ocean. I admit to knowing very little about fracking and earthquakes but I do know more than a bit about climate catastrophe. So, research is the name of the game.

A Facebook friend sent me a video of a drilling facility taken during a flight to the sister island of Vieques, PR. The facility is off the coast of Cidra, Puerto Rico. That was clue number one.

By sheer coincidence I do business with the municipality of Guanica, Puerto Rico which has been plagued with non stop earthquakes , destroying everything. I have first hand accounts from before the quakes that people were hearing explosions during the night coming from the bottom of the sea. That is clue number two.

Then, I have been monitoring a website www.volcanodiscovery.com, which includes ALL of the earth movements, no cherry picking. The US governments site is reporting the quakes a day late and just a few. Therefore, I do not trust them or their motivations. On this volvanodiscovery site you can see random comments from people about the intensity, sound and other horrible stuff. One comment caught my eye; ” Earthquakes since Dec 28 till now are man made and triggered by fracking and shale from drillings undersea for oil and gas to a pipeline offshore of Puerto Rico going to Limetree Bay Refinery and Terminal in St. Croix” (US virgen Islands). The person did not leave his name but nevertheless, clue number three.

There are a group of companies, as usual, Limetree Bay Ventures LLC, which has a Jones Act waiver ( this is a big deal). Limetree Bay Ventures, owned by a consortium consisting of ArcLight Partners (79%), a syndicate of investors (14%) and Freepoint Commodities (7%). Reported by rbnenergy.com on September 11,2019. Freeport Commodities location is: 58 Commerce Road, Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Telephone number : 1-203542-6000 / www.freepoint.com. / Sheldon Pang is Vice Chairman / David A Messca is CEO / Frank Gallipoli is President. Blomberg reposts the following Board Members : Charles A. Davis from Stone Point Capital LLC and David J. Wermuth from Stone Point Capital LLc. / There companies and people exist. Clue number four./

Goggle describes these pipelines like a plan for the future that do not exist. Clue number five. /

The government of Puerto Rico says that no such fracking exists even though all private drones trying to see what is going on are shot down. Clue number six. /

There is a video of a employee of the local Department of Natural Resources acting as a whistleblower saying that there are huge extractions of oil from these sites and that the earthquakes are caused by fracking happening right now. This is clue number seven.

I am still trying to trace, place, discover the pipeline. More on this later.


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