“Eat This Not That” is a nutritional blog that I subscribe to. Aside from their catchy name, their content is relevant and very well documented.

Yesterday they published an article that I must mention at Capricorn Science since we do have a “Healthy Living” section and this content is totally about keeping you and your family healthy.

Their article is titled: ” The Ten Unhealthiest Foods”. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 40 % of Americans are obese and 60% of the calories we consume come from ultra-processed foods, a study in BMJ, journal found. This was their opening statement. Know your poison, the lethal weapon here is called ultra-processed foods. I have say that these foods are no longer what they intended to be. Sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, cheese are no longer sugar, flour, rice, potatoes or cheese, they are processed into something that looks like these products but are an alien relative that will do you serious damage.

The Ten Unhealthiest Foods are :

1-Frito Lay : ADHD in children, triggers a histamine response.

2-Keebler: TBHQ a preservative that causes an allergic reaction.

3-Powerbar Brand: sugar. fructose, maltitol syrup

4- Coca-Cola: full blown diabetes and type 2 diabetes

5-Pepsi Co, : Ace-K, artificial sweetener induces inflammation

6- Mars, Inc.: saturated fat, TBHQ / artificial flavor, dies, and corn syrup

7-Nabisco: artificial flavors, phosphate that causes kidney disease, corn syrup

8-Hershey’s : corn syrup, potassioum sorbate

9- Kraft: not a cheese, calcium phosphate, modified food starch, and natamycin, an anti fungal used to treat fungal eye infection.

10- Pillsbury: just plain ” one of the unhealthiest foods on the planet.”

We urge to find this article if you are interested in greater details. I am just offering the tip of the spear about what has been and will continue to rob us of our money and more importantly, of our health.


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