There is love in the air.

Each and every time Mr. Trump and his group of followers show themselves and discuss anything … you fill in the blank: kidnapping children, murdering seniors, robbing federal funds blind, plus his never ending long list of illegal activities … I mentally and emotionally come steps closer to embracing Vice President Joe Biden as the true contender, the antidote to the near fatal crash that weighs on us like Soprano death brick taped to our legs, We are to be thrown overboard and the flotation device within sight is our Joe Biden. I speak as a member of society. My personal wants and likes have been analyzed, and understood. I stand as an adult that loves and cares about my planet and my fellow human beings. I stand for Joe Biden and the Republic. You never expected to hear me say this which shows that you are judgmental and you don’t know me.

Joe’s followers have been passionate, brazen, bullies and constant. I still carry some war wounds from the hurt endured during the presidential vetting process. You won! You will have your, and now my, Joe Biden, You got what you wanted and you even have me ( no prize) , eager to vote for him.

Joe Biden is a decent man who has put himself out there, bare and exposed. He is not attempting to accumulate wealth or power or fame. He is here to save our sorry derrieres from trumpism and oblivion. Know this. Embrace this truth and act accordingly.

One very alarming lesson I have learned during this political process is that our electorate is feeble. ill informed and laze. There I go, running my mouth again. Not sorry. My message to you is that you cannot even contemplate the idea of zigzagging you support for Joe Biden as our Presidential candidate for the 2020 election. You picked him, you wanted him. Now we finish this all the way to the Oval Office. Everyone’s life depends upon it so stop with the short attention span and focus on finishing this campaign.

Stop the humiliating comments. If you can’t find him, go look for him. Engage him. Ask h0w you can help. The vetting is over, he is the one!

I do like many thing about my Joe. Intelligence counts. Education counts. Experience does count. Contacts and connections do count. Manners do count. Family does count. Love for our planet, country and fellow human beings does count. I also like and relish that I have totally vetted Joe and will ride him hard if he strays on any of the issues important to me. This is my right and my responsibility. Republicans are much more verbal and aggressive about what they demand. We need to learn and implement these traits, they are effective.

We are a 330,494,117 human mass, joined at the hip. Everything is riding on joining minds and hearts and scoring the ultimate touchdown. Let’s close the deal and demand accountability from the Nazi Republicans.


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