A bit radical, when we explore the idea that leaving a non legacy is best for all. It seems that everyone wants a legacy of children, grandchildren, inventions, fortunes, creations, collection’s and just stuff. Being the odd bird that I am, since childhood I’ve lived knowing I will vanish. When I reflect upon my death I always think that I want no mention, anywhere, of the event. The world is to act as if I never existed. After all, I’m barely here anyway. Odd, even to myself. Then I read a Mexican poem which described how we die twice. First our bodies die and then the true death happens the last time we are mentioned, the last time we are remembered. My thoughts are that death is death. Being mentioned, remembered, so forth is on the people doing the remembering. Could I be wrong? Can there be a real connection between memories and the departed? A form of communion?

Aside from memories we could contemplate that the consequences of our earthy human footprint upon the planet we seen to live to destroy. Apart from our physical bodies, once returned to dust, our entire life footprint is a legacy of garbage. Debris in order to not offend you? Until we learn to imitate the other species that try to coexist with us and only live biodegradable lives, we do nor deserve a footprint on death. Crazy? Yeah! Real? Yeah!


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