Boogaloo, Proud Boy, US Snatcher

We watched, in awe, how the Black Lives Matter protests took root throughout the world. Peaceful protests against police brutality against black people. We knew we needed to step up and put an end to the killing and suffering of so many for so long. Our police force has turned into killing thugs paid by us.

As the people’s protest unfolded and grew we watched as military groups with long weapons descended upon the protesters and attacked them, wounding and killing people and reporters peacefully exercising their constitutional rights to protest against their government.

While the Proud Boy, Boogaloo and US Snatches attached and kidnapped people the police force, with covered tags, just looked the other way. And you call this a democracy?

The reason I take you down recent memory lane is because the period leading to the upcoming election and the inauguration of the a new President will be riddled with violence and uncertainty.

During the Portland, Oregon protests the United Nations issued a warning to the Trump administration to stand down or expect consequences. Know that the world is watching. We do no stand alone. We are not as alone as we feel. We do have friends that will intervene and help us throughout these dark times.


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