“Where would you like us to put the latest victim of your supposed CORONAVIRUS ” HOAX”, Mr. TRUMP?”

Yesterday I saw a picture captured by a drone that showed dozens of people being buried in stacks of three coffins. Three more. Three more. Three more. Endlessly. The location was New York. They were the unclaimed bodies of victims of the pandemic which Mr. Trump dared call a hoax. He did so in public, and to our faces.

We have seen, again and again, how total disregard for human life has become the norm under the tutelage of Mr. Trump and his group of collaborators.

We must not allow ourselves to become callused and blind to the constant slaughter happening right before out eyes and in broad daylight. Our collective and individual psych wants to automatically encapsulate itself in order to avoid pain and terror. We must remain totally tuned into what they are doing and avoid the protection of indifference. Everyone is someone’s son, brother, daughter, mother, friend, husband, wife. We are each, someone to someone else and these unnecessary deaths must be accounted for.

Do not let them become a statistic with no heart, with no meaning. If we do, we would be no better than the monster that calls a pandemic a hoax.


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