Cause and effect. There have been a series of events taking place worldwide, right out in the open, that we knew about, talked about them but never crossed our minds that these events were part of a a greater plan to overtake our Republic. I recall reading an article during the Reagan era in Vanity Fair about how the Bloomingdales had convinced, then greatly funded, Ronald Reagan’s run for the Presidency. Ignorance is bliss, I then thought it odd but clever. Yet, I never forgot what I read. Now, decades later, I can clearly see that this was the beginning of a scheme to create and convert the Republic to a fascist state, where the interests of corporations and wealth override those of the citizens.

Reagan raided the Social Security Fund. Money grouped for retirement by the work of citizens. Trillions of dollars used for I don’t know what, but never to be seen again. Republicans took the money as if it were theirs. I call that stealing.

The stealing of trillions of dollars from the Social Security Fund was really bad and damaging in the long term but Reagan’s most damaging mandate was to eliminate Equal Time to all political candidates. Prior to Reagan’s intervention all media that mentioned one candidate running for office had the legal obligation to equal that time to other candidates in the given campaign. By eliminating this law he opened the door for big money to control the exposure of candidates, therefore owning the elections.

Another Reagan kick to democracy was allowing foreign investor to buy media. Until Reagan, foreigners were not allowed to own Television Stations, Newspapers, the Stock Exchange. Now, they own everything and control the news that we see and hear. This is bad, really bad, There you have Fox News is all I have to say.


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Margaret D’Angelo · May 27, 2020 at 8:40 am

Its true … Regan economics welcomed investors from China and other countries to buy property and companies in America

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