All that know me, know I am a very outspoken Hillary Clinton Democrat. This post is not about Hillary but about the fantastic campaign designed and implemented by Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her messages are many, clear, targeted and all inclusive. A woman that manages the art of teaching, therefore, communicating, combined with intense knowledge of finance and a strong desire to embrace power. Power, so far denied women. Her goal is to lead our country out of its current gutter position and into sanity and hopefully peace and prosperity.

A couple of weeks ago I was accused of ” being a progressive, wanting everything for free” and some other nonsense. It took me a while to figure out why these accusations were addressed towards me. My endorsement of Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States of America. What the insulted party failed to notice was that my endorsement was shared with Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Amy Klobuchar. I would and still will follow whichever of them that takes the lead. I want a woman in the Oval Office. I am not ashamed, afraid or intimidated by the power of my desire.

Watching Elizabeth work and work and work and climb and climb and climb reminded me that this is how woman win anything, everything. Then came the personal realization that I was endorsing someone that others call a “Progressive”. I am a Domocrat. Considering we are living under the hammer of a fascist nazi regime I will not concern myself with too far left, too far center, too far whatever. Also, seeing the crazies Sanders brought to life, it’s an added value, not a defect if Elizabeth could and would drag those rascals to vote for her. Above all, we need to overcome the Russian/Republican hack. I honestly think that Elizabeth will pull this off. I am as surprised as everyone else of this outcome. She has earned this front runner position, the old fashion way, with brains and guts and I shall not deny her as many did, to our Hillary. Register, Vote,

The aftermath: All three women presidential candidates failed to reach the finish line and, left standing, after the music stopped are Joe Biden and Bernard Sanders. Of course, all the weight of our push stands behind Joe Biden. It pains me to see how the DNC has once again allowed a non-Democrat on the ticked as a repeat of 2016. We must come together, lick our wounds and overcome the Russian hack represented on the right by Donald J. Trump and and on the left by Bernard Sanders. Vote like you life depends on it, because it does.


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