While we battle the Coronavirus pandemic and try to survive plus help others, it is important to remember that stress, in extreme form, could also kill us. The effort exerted in surviving could turn against us.

While holding on to this thought it is imperative to identify the particular sources of our stress and plan to manage these areas which are within our control. Maybe we are engaging in too much social media. Too much comfort food which generates guilt in addition to the extra pounds. Becoming the “shoulder” for other’s to seek comfort can become overwhelming. Try taking inventory of your situation and make some adjustments.

Suggestions on releasing some of the stress:

Re-read that book you love;

Watch 10 of your favorite movies;

Create an exercise routine;

Engage in old hobbies that you once loved;

Meditate – it will lower your blood pressure-;

Cook some of the recipes you never had time for before:

Talk on the phone;

Take funny pictures and share them.

I’ve taken up looking into boxes that keep treasures safe. One round hat box contained about twenty colors of nail polish. My nails are steel colored right now and have been red, old rose, pearl white. This made me happy.

Another triple heart shaped boxes have every conceivable color of lipstick and eye shadow. It’s like going to the store!!! I’m looking for my needle point / crochet tote and will be revisiting two of the most relaxing and creative hobbies that ever existed.

Meditation has worked wonders for my severe blood pressure situation years ago and I have started to meditate minimum, once per day. It works and I do not want pills. This does not imply you should not take yours.

Just review these suggestions and save yourself countless grief and even preempt future health problems. Do share with us your plans for stay at home activities.

Stay home. Stay safe.


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