Partnerships, by definition, require more than one component. Marriage, friendships, families, corporations, and countries are made up of two or more components. Plurality is what makes it a partnership. A union, brought together by covenants and firmly established by a contractual list of facts that are the glue that defines and perpetuates this union.

The American Union was opposed by the secessionist Confederate States of America (CSA) or “the South”. The Union is named after its declared goal of preserving the United States as a constitutional union. (Wikipedia). Therefore, the components are the States, the terms and conditions of this union of states is the Constitution and the glue is the declared goal of preserving the United States. We’ve come full circle in defining our subject. The target of this conversation is the obvious fact that the Union isn’t working and all levels of havoc are destroying both sides of this heated discussion.

I arrive here with more questions than answers. First, how, if we are all created equal according to our Constitution can each state determine the who, when, how, and why a person is put to death? The same person in New York that would get a life sentence would be put to death in Texas. The very basic and supposedly inalienable human rights are challenged and legally overlooked depending on which plot of land you stand on. I have read of one case of a man who purchased an ounce of marijuana legally, then traveled across state lines to visit someone and was arrested and sentenced to 20 years of prison. Please explain how this is legal and moral. I just don’t get it. Yet we have lived with these legal entanglements for so long that most people don’t bother to question them. Well, I question them. The American Union does not work. It is the groundwork for injustice and cruelty for most of our citizens.

During the past thirty years, we have watched how taxation without representation has become the norm. How many times can the government tax the same earned dollar while allowing corporations and their commanders-in-chief to run rampant, buying and destroying this planet and the people who inhabit it? That would be you and I.

The weapons used to keep us fighting among ourselves are the church, the media, the NRA, Special Interest Associations, and our own government. They are all tax-exempt and motivated to fulfill their part of the deal to dismantle the great experiment which was Democracy in the United States. In case you missed the memo, we are no longer a working democracy, we are a full-fledged Oligarchy. We are ruled by the rich, securing the interest of the rich. The rest of us can wait for our handout at the end of the line.

All of these crazy wars we engage in are not meant to secure democracy, as we have been told forever. These wars are serving the interest of the rich. If you don’t believe me I urge you to do the research. It’s disheartening to learn how many of our children have died and suffered for some special interest of a one percenter. Hold on to your kids. Do not allow them to go to war and kill other people’s kids. Put an end to the American Forever War.

Once upon a time, the United States of America aspired to achieve ethical, and moral greatness by engaging in the essence of a democratic government. That was once upon a time and sadly, it no longer is true. Our government sells us lies all day and all night long.

We resemble Nazi Germany with some States of the Union burning and banning books. They are making foolish and dangerous demands into laws that will put American citizens in prison for 20 years for teaching history to our children. To my eyes, that cat is out of the bag. This is full-fledged fascism. It does not hide.

Corruption in our government has metastasized. It does not appear to be salvageable. Even though there are two sides fighting this war pro and against fascism and two political parties that represent each side I dare say that they all work for the Oligarchs and only give an illusion of divisiveness. My reasoning is that these politicians from both sides “strut and fret upon a stage, signifying nothing”. We are tossed nickels and dimes so late that they are irrelevant. Yet both political parties protect the abomination called the Defense Department and over 50% of our federal budget.

The food lines in the United States are endless and no one seems to care. We have been dulled, lulled, and anesthetized into humble or stupid compliance with what surrounds us. The Federal Government took an unauthorized loan, thrice, from the Social Security Fund. That’s our hard-earned money. They stole from our fund. Did they pay it back or have any intention to pay back what would amount to an estimated $10 trillion? Not a word is whispered anywhere on this subject from either side of the political aisle. Therefore, stealing from us is okay with those elected to represent us.

Each and every time a law, that was in place to protect our freedom and way of life, has been changed, it has never been reversed. Why is the Patriot Act still legal? What actions are being taken to renew and re-enact the Fairness Doctrine? Soon Roe vs Wade will be history and hanger abortions will be back in vogue. Corruption clearly is a one-way street. And we sit and watch and wonder. I know I do.

Thank you for reading.

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