“Please Join Me In Thanking The Lincoln Project For All Their Hard Work To Help Us Take Back Our Country

Steve, Rich, Reed, John, George And Everyone At The Lincoln Project…

Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts “

My fellow Democrats are all warm and fuzzy, sharing this message that must have been created by Republicans to get Democrats to get all warm and fuzzy. It isn’t difficult. Republicans have lots of money since they are the ruling Oligarchy. They waited just in time for the Democrat Blue Wave to take over all three branches of government and decided to find a conscience. Instead of walking finally away from the Republican Nazi party they got together and decided to save their own party, their money and their way of life.

Little floating clouds in the background making you think about heavenly salvation. Has the Lincoln Project been a gift from God? Well, for sure that is what they want you to think and sign up, again, for their brand of rhetoric. Make me wish I had the stomach to become a Republican.

When Democrats were bellyaching about the amount of votes the Republican Party got in the face of all that has happened? You can now thank the Lincoln Project for stopping Republicans from voting with their conscience and changing sides. They have been so very successful in their demagoguery that the House of Representatives LOST seven seats. We hold the majority in the House by the seat of our pants. In two years the House will be lost to the Republicans unless you open your eyes smell the vermin that is putting you to sleep.

Steve Bannon? The known Anarchist that wants to dismantle our government? Reed? Ralph Reed is the the one person who single handedly invented, created the Christian Coalition. At the very least, recognize your enemies. These people would skin you alive and not break into a sweat.

This scenario is too close to group Stockholm Syndrome for me to overlook. Stop loving you enemy. It has already cost us everything. They want the crumbs left on the table. They are excellent at this game. Just look at our MAGA brothers. You want to become one of them? Stop living in a container. Open your eyes.


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