Writing for this blog compels me to visit and explore subjects that would otherwise be overlooked. My little segments take on a life of their own. They become very personal, although they are not about me. Sleep comes sparingly since the content continues to ravel and unravel in my mind seeking answers and explanations.

If you currently live in the United States you have a feeling of peril and at some level, fear. One part of our population questions the sanity of the other while these question the others religious fervor and Their rights to bear arms. Confusing, but this is the core of the issues.

Democracy has unquestionably mutated into a Fascist Nazi Oligarchy. This is fact. Denial won’t change that. The historical old formula of bringing together Church and Politics has again brought us to our knees while facing Hitler’s Germany Part 2, now the TrumpWorld Rhapsody.

As a raging Pandemic claims the lives of over 200,000 Americans and the rest of the world has closed their border to us we cling to life and reason. It’s clear that the religious/Nazi sector of our society is engaging in a TrumpWorld Rhapsody. Religious fanatics follow their orange leader and render their lives knowingly. Do they believe, in their faith, that they will be lifted from this sinful world via a direct express to a heaven? Survival instincts , which are central to all living organisms, are lacking in these fanatics. Their will is the will of their orange leader. It’s very difficult, from the outside, to grasp what and why they behave as they do. Only by running the current events through the sieve of the Hitler/Trump connection can some sense and reason show themselves.

My preliminary conclusion is that these fellow Americans do not take health precautions by wearing masks and exercising social distancing because they ardently seek their TrumpWorld Rhapsody. If you have a better explanation feel free to share it.


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Rose Marlene Simpkins · September 24, 2020 at 10:15 am

Scary but true

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