Due to the many complexities and time restraints we encounter, it is difficult for American citizens to learn the intimate details of how our government allocates and spends our money.

We place our hard-earned money and our trust in the hands of our legislators, federal and stateside, with the expectation that the three arms of government will function honestly and use the checks and balances system already in place.

You can kiss that idea away. For a very long time, legislators have written and rewritten our laws, which has enabled them to do mostly as very much as they please. They have given themselves constant pay raises, perks, benefits, and freedom to engage in whatever is in their best interest. Accountability left the building. They have created partnerships, very openly with lobbyists who represent the interests of others that are not the constituents that elected them. Creative accounting and legal loopholes have been taken to new levels of lawlessness.

Our citizenship has been diminished to little or no value, leaving us in positions very similar to servitude.

On the bright side, there is a great awakening taking place among American citizens. We expect a great reckoning to take place as a result of the upcoming 2020 election.

There is a long list of thieving legislators that will be removed and replaced. Armed with both houses of Congress and the Oval we must stand and demand that the many wrongdoings that have taken place be changed. Our entire system needs revisiting and revamping.

The Electoral College needs to be eliminated. Enough with the Oligarchs assigning a Commander in Chief in direct contradiction to the vote of the majority. We must embrace a direct democracy if we want to re-establish a democratic government in the United States of America. As of right now, today, we function under an Oligarchy, we are ruled by the rich. Their methodology is Fascist with Nazi-like agendas.

The laws which have allowed legislators to break and bend that which is in the best interest of the people must be fixed immediately, with no exceptions allowed.

Legislators should not own stock or any other investment instrument, directly or indirectly. There is a grave conflict of interest in doing so. They cannot have both seats, they must choose to be legislators or investors.

There must be a mandate to end our intervention in all wars. Our goal, as a country, should be to live in peace with the rest of the world and put an end to over 200 years of warmongering. We are known everywhere in the world for the blood in our hands and have failed to see it and acknowledge this as criminal behavior.

All military personnel must be directly employed by our government. All mercenary operations similar to Blackwater must be ended and their existence within or in representation of the United States be punishable as treason.

The government of the United States must re-establish its citizens and their well-being as their primary concern.

Education and its quality must become an area where assets and focus are placed. Truth in education has to become our mantra.

Substantial monies must be allocated to fix and develop our old and broken-down infrastructure.

The minimum wage must be increased to a living standard of no less than $15.00 per hour for everyone, with no exceptions, and no excuses.

Taxation of the top 15% of the wealth scale must increase significantly. If they don’t like it, they should leave the country and find a better deal. We do not need or want corporate personas abusing and using everything around us.

Equal Time and closing the door to foreign ownership of American media must be reversed to prior Reagan time. Get rid of Fox and the garbage they bring. Make media accountable.

Comprehensive legislation terminating our dependence on fossil fuels must be implemented rapidly. We have been talking about it for 60 years and their lobby wins each and every time. Time to make the change or just die because of it.

The environment, and saving this dear planet must become our number one priority since we do not have a Planet B. Even if we did, how can we not love our own home?

Concentration camps and private prisons must be closed. Illegal adoptions reversed. Minors returned to their rightful guardians and compensation was paid.

There is so much more to address, like gun control, equal pay, and paying back the monies stolen from the Social Security Fund. What’s on your bucket list? Write to me.

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