Who knew that one day my main and total fascination would be garbage. How unsophisticated and lacking in poetic beauty of me! But garbage it is.

It appears that all that I have read and researched in the past has rendered an unsolicited gift, my garbage fascination. The eye pooping realization that people are fundamentally filthy beings. I walk into this realization changing the way I look at everything. My love has been, till now, for all things beautiful. I explored the world from the close-up view of everything. By sheer coincidence I changed my mental lens to a wide lens view of everything and there it was and is, garbage. This mental wide angle lens brought me face to face with human debris, everywhere, soiling, destroying, decimating everything, everywhere.

Last year I wrote a post that had surprisingly taken me to the conclusion that human being are aliens because we are the only species on Earth that produces non biodegradable garbage. Odd, I know, but why else do we behave like hostile parasites destroying other species, the Planet and the foodchain we need to survive. We behave like parasites so we must be parasites. If you have a better explanation I’d love to hear it.

Dumpsters.com states that the average person produces 4.5 pounds of garbage per day in the USA versus 1.6 pounds of garbage globally.

Let’s convert this to numbers. These do no lie.

(a) USA population 2020= 331MM (www.pbs.org)

(b)World Population 2020= 7.8 Billion (Wikepedia)

(c) therefore: A minus B = 7.5 billion non USA population

(d) 7.5 billion Non USA humans X 1.6 pounds of garbage per day = 11,950,400,00 pounds of garbage per day

(e) 331 MM Americans X 4.5 pounds of garbage per day = 1,489,500,000. (average 1.5 trillion pounds of garbage per day.

(f) Total Wordwide Output of Garbage Per Day: 13,439,900,000 . An average of 13.5 billion pound of human garbage every single day forever.

These numbers round up to 5 trillion pounds of human garbage per year. It’s by sheer miracle we can even walk through this cesspool. We murder the planet, all the other species and ourselves but no one seems to care. Why is that? Has our self preservation gene mutated? Scary thought. I wish I had better news and more sociably acceptable passions. But garbage it is.


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