Our home grown Emperor Nero watching as 240,000 have died of Coronavirus while he called it a “Democrat hoax to make him look bad”.

Our countryside is burning to the ground consuming everything within it’s fatal reach. Last year it was the Amazon jungle and Australia. Now it’s the Napa Valley, Colorado and other homes to animals and people alike.

The food lines are growing while available food runs low. Before Trump set his ample derriere in our White House 20% of American children were ” food insecure”, affecting their growth and existence. Imagine what that number is right now. Desperation reaches another kind of hell when you cannot feed your children.

People are being evicted from their purchased and rented properties. Out into an abyss of nothingness. Out into the street of America and the cold and snow is starting to fall. Will there be enough shelters to home them?

The Pandemic is raging mad and out to kill us all, except the very rich. Even as I write this this the lethal Pandemic is peaking. Whomever invented the “herd immunity” cure should be taken out back and taken care of.

In the mean time the wanna-be dictator Donald John Trump is full of incredible excuses for the too many disasters that are raining upon us. “Sweep the forest”, he says, while he denies federal assistance for California.

Don’t use masks while he gave the masks that we paid for to a foreign enemy. He distributed busted ventilators to states that were begging for help in order to save lives.

This affront to the wellbeing of American people is blatant and endless and must be stopped. The entire Trump Cadre must pay in assets and jail time for the war they have unleased upon us. They are nationalist terrorist financial elitist and must be stopped NOW. Vote.


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