One of the darkest moments in modern history.

” Reopen the Economy.”

” I’m tired of keeping our Klan meetings under 10 people.”

“Yeah. End the shutdown.”

During 1918, the Spanish Flu, which surprisingly originated in Kansas, USA, infected 500 million people worldwide. This represented 30 percent of the world population at the time. We are now facing a similar threat with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Since I wasn’t alive during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, I can hardly imagine or recount the pain and suffering humanity endured. But imagine 30 percent of the world population dying in a heartbeat.

The present state of affairs is threatening a repeat of the 1918 event, even though how it’s unfolding is entirely different and totally extraordinary. The main players in today’s events are politicians, a virus, world citizens, and money, which includes power.

We ask ourselves if politicians have let loose the virus in the hope of redistributing large fortunes and power into the pockets of the political and military machinery, also known as their pockets. Is this the threat John F. Kennedy tried to warn us about? There was yet another earlier warning from Dwight Eisenhower.

In order to make sense of our situation, just look around you at the events that have unfolded during the last 120 days:

China warns of the Coronavirus dangers.

The USA sends China 17 tons of medical equipment and supplies.

The World Health Organization offers the USA equipment and testing to help stop the virus’s early onset. The USA declines.

Mr. Donald J. Trump publicly calls the Coronavirus epidemic a “Hoax, created by Democrats to make him look bad.”

Scientists, doctors, and researchers warn the Trump administration that the threat is serious and that measures to prevent the spread of the virus must be taken urgently. Mr. Trump goes and plays his usual golf, ignoring the information and taking no action, allowing the virus to spread at its content.

The virus, as warned, starts its deadly spread, and the USA has no tests available, no protective gear, no equipment, no vaccine, no plan in place,..we have nothing. Death is at our door.

Donald J. Trump instructs the Governors to purchase the equipment and gear that we need. The Federal Government is not in compliance with its responsibilities. The Governors mobilized to fill the void of the equipment and materials urgently needed. Mr. Trump sends his “people” to bid against the Governors, driving the prices higher than necessary. Incredible, but true.

In the meantime, the stock market reacts to these events and takes a dive. At this time, Mr. Trump publicly calls out to senior citizens to give up their lives for the good of the stock market. Hospitals started establishing protocols similar to Italy, where people over 60 years of age are left to die in favor of younger patients.

Multiple governors assumed the leadership of what quickly grew from Epidemic to Pandemic. They ordered the cities and states to shut down. Citizens have been ordered to remain within their homes 24/7, with few exceptions for food trips and urgent matters. Businesses and schools are closed. We have rapidly learned about ” social distancing” and how to wear masks and other body covers to save ourselves and others. We read and share nonstop how Coronavirus behaves when transmitting itself, how it travels, which surfaces to attach to, and any other tidbit of information we may find. As individuals, we have become Coronavirus scholars in our attempt to save our families, our friends, and ourselves.

Our present lockdown has left us worried and uncertain about the future. We comprehend, clearly that until there is a vaccine, we are at grave risk. Countries like Germany are testing 600,000 people per week and have succeeded in containing the spread and the death toll. The USA cannot repeat this model because we do not have the tests. The lack of testing allows the asymptomatic Coronavirus carrier to spread the disease indiscriminately. Doctors have warned that the asymptomatic carrier transmits a stronger, more lethal strain,

The only events at present time between us and contamination and death are our masks, gloves, eye gear, and social distancing.

The ruling Oligarchy has gotten nervous about the loss of revenue and, with the help of Donald J. Trump, is hounding the Governors to open businesses and schools. They are condemning X number of people to death.

The 1 %, the wealthy, are using a group of Confederate Flags, gun-carrying people whom they pay, to march and demand that the States open for business, allow social contact, and open the schools. They claim their rights are being violated. They are the wealthy’s mouthpiece. They are offering up their lives. I wonder if they know this.

In the meantime, while all of this is happening, Trump offers a daily babble news conference to the world while we regurgitate.

My personal insight is that Mr. Trump was unsuccessful in starting the war he needed to secure his reelection and encouraged this Pandemic upon us to create havoc and maybe allow him to cancel the November 2020 elections.

We have a message for Mr. Trump. We know what you are doing. It will cost the lives of many of us, but we shall prevail. Your formidable attempt to establish and secure a dictatorship will be squashed. Your idol, Adolf Hitler, did not have a happy ending. Despots are finished off. History is on our side.

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