Yesterday, during his daily press conference, Donald J Trump, addressed the American people and asked them to inject themselves with a cleaning product, in an attempt to cleanse ourselves from the Coronavirus from the inside. His posture, facial expressions, and total demeanor was very serious. This is no joke, not satire but an open attempt on American lives.

I’ve heard countless jokes for three years now about “drinking the Coolaid” in reference to the Jamestown massacre. Now Trump, from his presidential podium, using the credibility and influence of the office of the President of the United States has asked American people to commit mass suicide.

Speaker of the House, Madam Nancy Pelosi, has called Trump the most dangerous person in the history of the United States.

This madman continues to play his hand in our destruction and he must be stopped sooner than later.

Vice President Joe Biden has stated that Trump is in the process of trying to delay the November 2020 elections. Do not, please, sit back and think that our Constitution will “take care of this matter.” The Constitution is a piece of paper, which carries no relevance if it falls in the hands of thugs. We are in the hands of thugs. Fight back. Follow the brave example of Wisconsin, walking over broken glass, in the middle of a Pandemic to vote. This is no time to sit back and get comfy.


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