Intuition can ignite the truth when we encounter it. ” Remember. We are energy, not memory.” My mind continued to play with this thought as if it were a pebble being twirled in my hand, rolling it around and around. What are we really? While writing for this blog about the basics of spacetime and the fundamental laws of how the known universe functions, prompted me to wonder if, as energy are we fluid as opposed to rigid, alive, frozen in each nanosecond of spacetime. Can we somehow move and/or connect with the ‘stretch’ of spacetime? If everything that is going to happen already has and we are physically alive here and there at the same time, could we extend our consciousness across the spectrum of our lifespan without the need for a vehicle that moves faster than the speed of light? If it’s me that is, at once, here and there, could I somehow connect to myself? My intuition again knocks on my mental door and invites the possibility that this stretch of our reality may be the true door to enlightenment. So many questions, and yes, there are some fact-founded answers.

“Physicists now suggest that spacetime may itself be a fluid, very slippery type known as a superfluid. These findings could help scientists in their quest for a Theory of Everything” that explains how the cosmos works in its entirety. “

“Scientists have long sought to develop a theory that can describe every aspect of the how the universe operates. Currently researchers have two disparate theories: quantum mechanics and general relativity. Quantum mechanics can explain the behavior of all the known particles, while general relativity describes the nature of spacetime and gravity.”

“When it comes to “quantum gravity” theories that seek to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity, there are currently two main scenarios. One suggests that gravity can be described in terms of packets of energy, known as gravitons, as light is embodied by photons. The other suggests the fundamental constituents of spacetime essentially condense together like a fluid. The analogy is not supposed to suggest that spacetime flows anywhere, but is meant to help envision the fabric of spacetime as emerging from more basic entities, said theoretical physicist Luca Maccione at Ludwin-Macimilian University in Munich, Germany. These fundamental constituents of spacetime would be below the size at which space and time are smooth, or roughly 100 billion times smaller than the width of a proton.”(Charles Q. Choi / Inside Science / 05/01/14).

This quest for the Theory of Everything could and would demonstrate the connectivity of our known universe.

While stepping briefly outside of the realm of science and into pseudoscience and metaphysics, we must remain firm in differentiating proven science-known facts and what is presently being researched by our scientific community. The Theory of Everything remains in the land of unproven science.

Metaphysics is a major branch of philosophy. It concerns existence and the nature of things that exist. ( Wikipedia).

I’ve always thought and stated that perceived magic is science yet to be proven. The concept of a sentient universe originated in philosophy and later evolved into proven science. The existence of auras for centuries was a metaphysical conjecture until science was invented that could photograph our electromagnetic field. So it’s fair to look closely at what our intuitive mind points out to us. Our intuition is the voice of our collective unconscious seeking to be noticed.

Back to the proven science that states that all that is going to happen already has. At first glance, I imagined spacetime as a continuous, sequential register of historical events and our existence. The known universe contains spacetime commencing with the Big Bang until the edge of the known universe. It has occurred to me that everyone’s lifespan occupies just a piece, a segment, of this spacetime starting at each birth and ending with each death. We had previously discussed space travel and the need for faster than the speed of light vehicles meant to reach specific spacetime segments in the past. But what if we want to explore our own lifespan within spacetime while we are still alive? How to explore our own electromagnetic field within spacetime and also within the confines of our lifetime? Could my electromagnetic field travel the superfluid of space-time since this electromagnetic field is attached to my lifeline? This train of thought prompted me to seek information about the fluidity of spacetime and was pleasantly surprised that this idea of spacetime being a superfluid is very much on the scientific table. This research does not include moving within our own electromagnetic field within the spacetime of our lifeline. That part is just me wondering.

I remain anchored in science and am adamant that ‘terror management” (fear of death) must be avoided at all costs. If fearing death prevented it, it would be a worthy sentiment., otherwise, it’s a door for others to gain control of your mind and life.

Thanks for reading. Until the next time.

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