During the past couple of days we’ve covered the subjects of the components of light, the Big Bang, is time real, the shape of the universe, seeing the past, finding the edge of the universe and the 99 percent probability that everything has already happened.

These info pods will not quality any of us for admission to Oxford but it will allow us basic, real, knowledge to build upon and grow. It has been my experience that by learning bits and pieces of the laws of physics we walk around knowing nothing. I’ve tried to remedy that to a small, but maybe, relevant extent.

The next step in this endeavor could/ would be looking beyond the known four dimensions of space – time and explore the subject of the ten dimensions of the universe, the loop theory and the theory of all. I decided to stop here because these are pseudoscience areas that have not been mathematically proven, in spite of 50 years of scientists’ trying to. I decided to remain within scientific facts, even if they did not please me.

An article published in Smithsonian Magazine titled ” Death, Physics and Wishful Thinking”, written by John Horgan on Sept. 22, 1021 states the following:

Fear of mortality might underlie physicists’ fondness for the anthropic principle, multiuniverses, superdertermination and other shaky ideas.

He continues: Our quirky minds thwart psychologists’ efforts to find durable theories. But terror – management theory has held up quite well since thru psychologists’ proposed it more than 30 years ago. It holds that fear of death underpins many of our actions and convictions. We cling to our beliefs more when reminded of our mortality, specially if these beliefs connect us to something transcending our puny mortal selves.

Terror-management theory can account for puzzling political trends…

Physicist’ pride themselves on the rationality, yet they are prone to existential dread as the rest of us, if not more so. Their investigations face them to confront infinity and eternity in their day jobs, not just the dread of night. …

Steven Weinberg, arguably the greatest physicist of the last half- century, urged us to accept the soul – crushing implications of physics, and he rejected attempts to turn it into a substitute for religion. ( end of excerpts from Smithsonian article)

As students we are taught many things. We learn some and let go of some. I was taught that research required that I check in my personal bias. During this excursion into the basic laws of physics, when I discovered that everything that was going to happen already, it prompted my own existential drama fulfilling the theory of terror- management prediction.

Various articles about the String Theory offered me the relief from the harsh reality that my mind desperately wanted. Then I realized that none of these theories could be proven, even though they have been researched for the past 50 years. They are speculation. They are not yet hard core science. They are scientists’ response to their personal terror-management.

We urge to embrace the science and conquer your terror-management. I have. Thanks for reading.

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Debi Willis · September 29, 2021 at 9:17 AM

Wow. D. E. E. P. In metaphysics, we accept these principles- that we know all of this- already. I believe our main challenge, as human beings, is accepting that we already know so we can access the power/our power more readily! ??‍♀️??‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️??????❤️?

    Mercedes Jenouri · September 29, 2021 at 9:40 AM

    Allow me to invite you write for Capricorn Science about metaphysics and/or any subject that brings passion to your life. Please say yes. Debi?

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