Politically, it wouldn’t be the first time that secret, hidden American policy created a nearly impossible mess to clean up once it blows up. The secrets of the FBI, the CIA, and multiple other covert organizations that function inside and outside our government, have, in the name of US citizens, created and afterward tumbled dictatorships.

The endgame of why Donald John Trump is allowed to continue to roam free is most likely one of those scenarios where the left hand of our government doesn’t know what the right hand of our government is doing and both are covering secrets. Many of these secrets are illegal activities. We are all now caught in the middle, blind to the facts and unable to resolve them.

On March 31, 2020, Greg Olear published, in his blog, an investigative article titled: “Tinker, Tailor, Mobster Trump”. ( @ gregolear.com). This blog, Capricornscience.com, re-published the article on December 17, 20221 under the title: “The Most Interesting Information about Donald John Trump That I Have Ever Read: Mobbed Up”. Find it, read it. It’s worth your time.

As if testifying in a court of law, Mr. Greg Olear’s article, presented his case impeccably and would win a conviction in a 12-person jury against Donald Trump, the mobbed-up president.

In a normal world Donald Trump and his business ventures, combined with his active involvement with organized crime, known as the Mafia or the Mob, would be imprisoned for life.

Mr. Greg Olear also writes a brilliantly detailed picture of how Donald J Trump has avoided being convicted of criminal activities. His fellow Mobster associates continued to get convicted while he walks as if through the fire, untouched. The Greg Olear article proved the following: (a) that Trump is unquestionably a second-generation “mobbed up” criminal. (b) That he, Trump, is an FBI informant which explains how Trump Teflon avoids convictions. Trump is protected by FBI informant covenants.

We have also learned that Trump has direct ties to the Russian government and their cadre of mobsters. How do we know this? Because both sides have been open about their business relationships.

Are you feeling the sting? That bite that itches to madness? I am. The FBI informant who illegally, and with the help of the FBI, became President of the United States. That is Donald Trump! Once seated in the White House Trump turns on the FBI, as mobsters do, and cements his relationship with Russia’s governing force, Putin and the Russian Mob. This relationship between Russia and Trump compels and propels the plan to take over the government with their January 06, 2021, attempted coup d’état.

This scenario leads to one arm of our government trying to convict Trump for trying to take down the government while another arm of our government is committed to protecting their prize informant. With Russia’s direct participation is this web of lies I am sure that the CIA has their covert fangs latched on to Trump and family too.

It’s due, it’s time, for the FBI, the CIA, the January 6th Commission, and the ruling Oligarchs to sit and play nice-nice and take the fool and his entire family to Guantanamo Bay or any other facility they want. Out of sight and out of mind is where Trump and Company must be.

We the people are tired, and exhausted, with our governments’ games and cover-ups and hide-and-seek covert operations. We are on to you and want this fixed now. Take Trump Down. Convict him and his family and put an end to this sham. We are asking nicely. Just fix your mess. Thank you for reading.

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