As a society we pool our resources and commit to a social contract, to Constitutional laws while seeking the “pursuit of happiness” and our common good.

So far, our pursuit is underway but the part about our common good has failed many. Complaining is for free. Doing something about it requires work, time and empathy. We the people are exhausted. We need to revisit and do something about how we see this distribution of “goods”.

It has occurred to me that we logically seek solutions for our personal problems. Makes all the sense in the world. Maybe, just maybe, we would consider another approach to problem solving. For example, if you do not have diabetes you have no need for insulin. The Pharmaceuticals are costing the lives of people with diabetes because of the outrageous costs of insulin. Taking on the insulin problem for those needing this specific help would prove life saving.

If you have affordable health insurance, going to task to find ways to help others that are dying for lack of health insurance is the common good thing to do.

What I am trying to point out is that foot stomping that the current system works, because it is working for you, is blatantly exposing your privilege. It may be a good time to learn new ways to look at our neighbors.

I get slammed endlessly because I group all American Billionaires into the Oligarchy Ruling Class of the USA. Well, 20 percent of American children know hunger. In a society where billionaires live and breathe while one in every five children have the pain of empty tummies and nothing to fill it with. The fact that those with the wealth to solve this one problem go their merry way while those who can feed their children do not see offense in the cruel hand of billionaires if mind-boggling.

Look around you and find the pocket of need that would not help you, but others, and consider how you can help them. Those you help today may be the same people that help you tomorrow.


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